05 July, 2015

Lyme Regis Photo Blog

Lyme Regis is one of my favorite seaside locations, so I decided that I wanted to spend a day there for my 17th birthday. 

So the day started a bit cloudy, so I spend a while camped out in the beach tent, which has it's own really hot micro climate, so it felt like I was in Spain in there.

We always sit on Monmouth Beach, which is just around the corner from the main beach at Lyme Regis, because we had the dog with us. Unfortunately it is stony, but luckily this makes it very quiet, even at peak times.

Shout out to this guy.

We then walked along the seafront and up into the town, to fulfill our retail therapy desire. 

We found a few hidden gems on this visit and although we've been to Lyme Regis many times, we have never discovered this little alley way with about 5/6 shops in it. There was a fossil shop (the one with the T-rex on the roof) a ice cream parlor and a pizzeria.

We also found this really cute bookshop, which looked tiny from the outside, but was a maze of old books, magazines and annuals.

I could have stayed in here for hours.

I went back to the beach and starting reading 'The Book of Tomorrow', which I had just brought from a charity shop in the town.

It was then quite late in the day, so we decided to go home. Just as we got into the car it decided to chuck it down with rain, although only for a few minutes. After this we got a Chinese takeaway on the route back.

I hope you guys enjoyed this style of blog post, if you want me to do more photo blogs then leave a comment, oh and also if you want to see a book review of 'The Book Of Tomorrow' by Cecelia Ahern then let me know:)

See you soon...




  1. Lyme Regis looks like such an amazing place! Will need to visit there one day!

    1. It is so beautiful and full of life! You definitely should it's such a great place x


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