06 August, 2015

Sidmouth Folk Festival Photo Blog - Part 1

Heey guys, so for pretty much the whole of this week I've been at Sidmouth Folk Festival, and I though I'd show you what I've got up to over the last week!


This is Rockhopper Morris, I love their kit, because the orange really stands out against the blue sky

How cute is the festival campsite?! Although we didn't stay on it this year, it is such a nice place to stay, everyone plays music all night and there is such a buzz around the place.


 The day started off a bit grey and drizzly, which was perfect for taking photos of the teams brightly coloured kit

I love how Morris dancing is a hobby for people of all ages, I really try and promote that it isn't just for older people, and that anyone of any age can get involved and have a good time!

Who doesn't love a good bunting lined street?!

Bunting and flags in one post?! It's a good day today!

I hope you enjoyed this post... If you did look out for part two which will be on the blog on Monday 10th!

See you soon...




  1. I've never been to a folk festival but it looks like there was a lot going on, it looks like you had a great time! I visited Sidmouth for the day last year and from the pictures its as beautiful as I remember. Great post!

    Aim | x x

    1. There was so much to do there, it was so busy as well, which was kind of nice, but also very hectic! It was so much fun! It's such a lovely place there isn't it?! Thank youu:) xx

  2. Lovely post and I would love to go and stop on that campsite because it looks soo cute xxx

    1. Thank you:) It has such a nice view doesn't it?! I love all the flags xxx


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