24 April, 2016

500 Days of Blogging

I spent hours of time when I was meant to be doing homework compiling an extremely long list of blog posts ideas. I probably could have written 500 blog posts in the time it took me to write this list, but hey ho! Anyway I hope you find some inspiration from this post, and I hope you never have to think of a blog post idea for yourself ever again (well at least for the next 500 days).
Tip - If you're looking for a specific topic press 'Ctrl' and 'F' on your keyboard, type the item i.e. 'books', and you can find the posts quicker.

OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
Favourite shops/shopping centres
Outfits to wear at College/Uni
What's in my bag
Favourite items of jewellery
Style inspirations
Fashion wishlist
Fashion moodboard
Workout outfits
Throwback Thursday OOTD
How to style a midi skirt
How to style dungarees
How to style a stripe tee
How to style high waisted jeans
How to style a blazer
How to style a hat
How to style an ugly gift
How to style a winter outfit
How to style summer outfit
How to style spring outfit
How to style autumn outfit
Wardrobe tour
All time favourite outfits
Favourite fashion bloggers
Favourite fashion Instagrams
Favourite fashion magazines
Favourite fashion Twitter feeds
What to wear in *place*
What to wear in *destination*
Styling the opposite gender
What you would dress your boyfriend/girlfriend in
Styling a relative/friend
Designer haul
Embarrassing fashion disaster
Trends for the upcoming year/season
Trends you won't be following
Awful trends from the past
Awful trends from the present
Trends for the future
Shoe collection
Handbag collection
Jewelry collection
Hat collection
Experiences of shopping at *shop*
FOTD (face of the day)
NOTD (nails of the day)

HOTD (hair of the day)
GRWM (get ready with me)
Best makeup dupes
Best makeup brush dupes
Product review
Underrated & overrated products
Dressing table tour
What's in my makeup bag?
What's in my holiday makeup bag?
Top 5 beauty apps
Favourite makeup tutorial
Favourite skincare tutorial
Event makeup and hair (wedding, prom etc.)
Why I love *favourite product*
Spa experience review
Trying *somebody else's* makeup routine
Family skincare secrets
Top 5 *brand* products
Pamper night essentials
How to wash makeup brushes
Beauty box subscription review
Makeup essentials
Favourite perfumes
Least favourite perfumes
Review of Youtubers beauty ranges
Favourite fake eyelashes
Least favourite fake eyelashes
Favourite fake tan
Least favourite fake tan
Favourite lipstick
Least favourite lipstick
Favourite drug store foundation
Least favourite drugstore foundation
Favourite high end foundation
Least favourite high end foundation
Favourite eyeliner
Least favourite eyeliner
Favourite mascara
Least favourite mascara
How to do perfect eyeliner
How to make your eyelashes look longer without falsies 

Healthy snacks recipes
Cocktail/mock tail recipes
Favourite vegetarian meal
Favourite vegan meal
Disney themed cupcakes
Favourite restaurants
Top 5 places for afternoon tea
Five recipes to use *unusual food* in
Wine tasting event and review
How to make canapes
Top 5 breakfasts
5* food on a budget
Cheat day foods

Alternatives to junk food
Food bucketlist
Restaurant bucketlist
How to cook a Thai speciality
How to cook a French speciality
How to cook a Mexican speciality
How to cook a Spanish speciality
How to cook a German speciality
How to cook a Italian speciality
How to cook a American speciality
How to cook a Indian speciality
How to cook a Australian speciality
How to cook a Japanese speciality
How to cook a Moroccan speciality
How to cook an Scandinavian speciality
Cook a meal from your home country
Favourite cookbooks
Share a food specific to your region/county/state

5 reasons to visit *somewhere*
5 places to eat in *a town*
Travel bucketlist
Best city break destinations
A week in *wherever*
Restaurant review
Hotel review
How to travel responsibly
Gap year planning
How to make money whilst travelling
Top 10 gap year destinations
How to make friends while travelling
Why you should get travel insurance
Where to buy travel insurance
How to dress like a local in *destination*
What to take on a long haul flight
In-flight essentials
Travel agent review
Airline review
Cruise review
Ferry review
How to swat up on a foreign language
Top 10 beaches
Favourite hidden locations
Why to avoid mainstream attractions
Best attractions in *destination*
What not to wear on holiday (Socks and sandals)
Being a tourist in your own town
Places the mass market miss out on
Best luxury hotels
Best cheap hotels
How to save money on luxury hotel stays
Why you should abandon social media on holiday
How to travel in a wheelchair
How to travel with a walker/Zimmer frame
Photo blogs of *destination*
Recreate old travel photographs

Lifestyle and Home
Homewear haul
Room tours
Redecorating diary
Favourite items from the home
Daily routine
Morning/Evening routine
What I eat in a day
Favourite Yankee Candles
Monthly favourites
Tips for interviews
Inside my scrapbook
Favourite flowers
Tips on saving money
Spring cleaning routine
Items to give to charity shops
Where you shop
How to remove stains from clothing
How to make a cushion
How to turn unwanted things into money
Stationary haul
Favourite stationary items
How to stay organised
How to motivate yourself
How to stop procrastinating
Life goals
Quotes you stick by
Produce a quote graphic
Pet peeves
100 happy things
10 things that made you happy today
10 things that made you annoyed today
Story time
A day in the life of *you*
Letter to your future self
Letter to your past self
Fonts for bloggers
50 facts about *you*
Do something out of your comfort zone
What's your order in *a well known coffee shop*
Guest post
Interview a blogger
Interview someone with a cool job
Life hacks
Splurge or save

Favourite TV series
Film reviews
New film releases
Theater review
Concert review
Festival review
Magazine subscriptions review
Best blogging magazines
Best home magazines
Best craft magazines
Best sport magazines
Best car magazines
Best fashion magazines
Best gossip magazines
Top 10 films
Top 10 shows
Top 10 albums
My own Top 40
Album of the year
Single of the year
Favourite YouTube singers
Theater bucketlist
Concert bucketlist
Festival bucketlist
Favourite Netflix shows
Favourite Disney movies
Least favourite Disney movies
Embarrassing concert moments
Embarrassing festival moments
Embarrassing theater moments

Book previews
What books have you pre-ordered
Top 10 books
Worst 10 books
Book review
Book recommendations
Books I've read this year
Review a movie based on a book
Opinions on book adaptations (for films)
What book would make a good film
Undiscovered books
Undiscovered authors
Undiscovered bookshops
Hard back vs paperback
Physical book vs kindle
How to get into reading
How to make time for reading
Best places to read in your house
Best places to read out of your house
Make an ending for a cliffhanger
Fan fiction?!
Book haul
Why library's are great
Best feel good books
Best funny books
Write a mini autobiography
Bookshelf tour
How to aesthetically arrange your bookshelf
Alphabetical/random bookshelf
Share your Goodreads page
Read a book out of your usual genre
How to make a bookmark
How to make a book page corner
Create a summer reading challenge
Interview your favourite author
Interview another book blogger
What were your favourite books when you were *age*
Do you judge a book by it's cover?
Discuss audio books
Best audio books
Host a book giveaway
Book themed ornaments
Write about a 1st edition

Social Media and Blogging
Favourite Pinterest accounts
Favourite Instagram accounts
Favourite Twitter accounts
Top 10 Youtube channels
Favourite Etsy buys
Favourite Etsy shops
Favourite Youtube videos
Favourite blog posts
What's on my phone/tablet
Favourite apps
How to improve your Instagram account
How to get more twitter interaction
How to improve your photography
How to edit photos for your blog
How to edit photos for Instagram
Share some favourite photographs
Why you started your blog
Why you love blogging
What you've learnt from blogging
How to juggle blogging and work/education
How to turn your blog into a business
How to grow your blogging business
How to take your blog full time
Blogging do's and don'ts
Blogging advice
Blogging tips/tricks
Social media tips/tricks
Blog post ideas

Health and Fitness
Workout routines for beginners
How to maintain a diet
Best tips for beating fat
Health and fitness inspirations
Best healthy cookbooks
Instagrams that inspire you
Blogs that help motivate you
Trying a new sport
Revisit a sport you did in school
Share your sporting awards
How to improve stamina
How to run 5k/10k
How to prepare for a marathon
Simple ways to improve your diet
Simple ways to improve your exercise regime
Weightloss journey
Weightgain journey
Maintaining a healthy weight
Mental health experiences
How to deal with mental health
Most effective fitness DVD's
Try a celebrity fitness DVD
Best running podcasts
Running playlist
Embarrassing gym stories
Top 5 fitness apps
How to make running more interesting
Interview an athlete
How to make the most of the hotel gym
How to motivate yourself to exercise on holiday

Room tour
Simple student meals
Healthy student meals
How to deal with friend fallouts
How to make your student loan last
How to have fun when you've spent all your loan
How to survive freshers week
How to pick your options/courses
How to save money at uni
Unusual uni courses
How did you pick which subject to take at college/uni
How to manage revisionn
Go to revision websites
Go to revision books
Go to revision apps
Go to revision locations
Go to revision resources
Revision timetable printouts
Ways to make revision fun
Revision soundtrack
How to manage your time properly
How to write a UCAS personal statement
Step-by-step guide to UCAS
Society's you've joined at uni
Unusual societies at your uni
How to juggle full time education and part time work
A day in the life of a school/college/uni student
Explain you school/college/uni subject
Quotes to keep you motivated to study
Was university really worth it?

Gift guide for her
Gift guide for him
Gift guide for kids
Gift guide for Secret Santa
How to do Christmas on a budget
Christmas day OOTD
How to wrap presents like a pro
Presents not to give at Christmas
Bake a Christmas cake

Worst Christmas jumpers
Best Christmas jumpers
Worst present you've been given
Best present you've been given
Christmas traditions
Christmas eve traditions
Boxing day sales haul
January sale haul
DIY Christmas present ideas
Top 10 Christmas films
What's on your Christmas list?
What's on your child's/younger siblings list?
Boxing day OOTD
Christmas day FOTD
How to burn off your Christmas dinner
How to make your own crackers
How to pick the perfect Christmas tree
Real v artificial Christmas trees
Christmas colour schemes
How to recycle old Christmas cards
Is it okay to re-gift presents?
Best destination to spend Christmas
Visit a local Christmas market and review it
How to make a Christmas Wreath


Easter themed cake recipes
Vegan Easter eggs
Alternatives to Easter eggs
How to run an amazing egg hunt
Easter Sunday OOTD
Easter Sunday FOTD
How to cook the perfect roast
Activities to do in the Easter holidays
Places to visit in the Easter holidays
How to make the most of the Easter holidays
Best bike ride routes in *your area*
DIY Easter hamper
DIY Easter eggs
How to blow and paint eggs
Places to get away to at Easter
Why Easter is the best time to redecorate
What does Easter mean to you?
How to make a bunny/chick mask
How to make a spring wall decoration

DIY Halloween outfits
Top 10 Halloween costumes
Where to buy Halloween costumes
How to make toffee apples
Decorating your house for Halloween
Top Halloween movies for adults
Top Halloween movies for kids
Halloween themed recipes
Visiting a fright night at a theme park
How to have a sugar free Halloween
How to carve a pumpkin
How to paint a pumpkin (alternative to carving)
Handmade Halloween cards
How to spookify regular foods
Halloween cocktails/mocktails
Halloween party playlist
Throwback Halloween costumes
Unusual Halloween costumes
Review a ghost tour
Visit the London Dungeons

Pregnancy and Family
How to plan a child's birthday party
Children's party music playlist
Children's party theme ideas
What to put in a children's party bag
How to bake a birthday cake
Children's room decor
Children's room tour
Christening OOTD
What to pack in a lunchbox
How to make healthy food more exciting
Family friendly recipes
Children's crafts
Birthday gift guide
Christmas gift guide
Share your birth story
Breast milk vs formula milk
What do you wish you'd done differently (when bringing up a child)
Recreating old family photographs
Child's clothing haul
Parent's clothing haul
Children's toy haul
Parent's home ware haul
Interview your children
Top 3 indoor play centres
Top 5 child friendly beaches
Top 5 child friendly holiday parks
Top 10 family films
Top 10 family songs
Top 10 family restaurants
Fun things to do in the summer holiday 
When to get rid of the dummy (pacifier)
When to get rid of the buggy
What's I'm my hospital bag
What's in my buggy
What's in *child's name* rucksack
50 things that make you happy
50 things that make your child/ren happy
How to educate your child without them realising
How to occupy kids
Best children's books of *the year*
Child/ren OOTD
Parent OOTD
Matching OOTD
How to pick the perfect car seat
How to survive a long haul flight with children
How to stop children biting their nails
How to stop children sucking their thumb
How to keep your child safe on the Internet
Let your child write a blog post (for older children)
Technology and children debate

Hopefully this list helped you to beat your blogging slump! Let me know if you write one of the posts from this list, and don't forget to comment the URL of it too, as I'd love to read it!

Also let me know if you made it to the bottom of this list!


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500 blog post ideas


  1. Such a helpful post! I will never be stuck for blog post ideas again!

  2. I think some one deserves a medal for this post! Thank you so much!!! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. Oh my goodness this is such a huge list!! Thank you for the inspo!! :) I hope you can catch up on your homework! xo

  4. Omg wow, what a great list! Thank you for taking the time to put this together, I'll definitely get back to it whenever I just can't come up with post ideas :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  5. This is the longest list of blogpost ideas that I've ever seen on the Internet. Well done! X

  6. Thanks to this list, I will never run out of blogpost ideas again! Great post!

    Amelie | A Wanderer's Adventures

  7. This list is amazing Geraldine! This is such a great post! Thank you for the inspiration!! x

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