21 May, 2016

One Year Of Blogging

Today marks exactly one year since I started blogging. If I'm honest I have no idea how I've managed to stick to it, especially whilst I've had so many assignments to do. It probably has something to do with the fact I'm a world class procrastinator and at this exact moment I'm meant to be doing assignments.
I've gotten to know so many amazing and brilliant people from writing this blog, and I would never had expected the blogging community to be so welcoming. I would list all my blogging baes (ew why did I just say that?!) but you guys know who you are and without such lovely bloggers to chat to and bounce ideas off, I probably wouldn't have as much love for my relatively new hobby.

By having this blog I have not only been able to rediscover my love of writing and photography but I have also realised what direction I want to take my life/career in, which is something that I have been unsure of for many years.

So where does Geraldine's Wonderful World go from here? I suppose the next step is to blog more. Now I'm almost not in full time education anymore, I will have more free time that I can dedicate to improving my content, photography and the design of my blog.

I also would really like to go to a blogging meet up. Due to my location, it is rather hard for me to get to any. There are an amazing group of Plymouth bloggers who have meetups (their most recent one was amazing!) and there are also many bloggers around the Bristol area (who's next meet up on the 9th July), but Somerset is completely lacking with any kind of event, especially ones that aren't on a Saturday! 

Now onto the exciting bit... 

To celebrate the 1 year birthday of Geraldine's Wonderful World, I thought I'd include a birthday party essential, presents. The presents are products that I love (and want to keep if I'm honest)!

Just like when I buy people presents, this giveaway is all colour co-ordinated, so I hope that everyone appreciates how long it took me to find matching items!
~ Heart Pattern Soft Cover Notebook
~ Pastel Heart Bracelet
~ Yellow Friendship Bracelet
~ Blue Friendship Bracelet
~Superdrug Apricot Faskmask
~Superdrug Tropical Cocktail Faskmask
~Superdrug Dead Sea Faskmask
~'Looking Good' Mirror
~Nivea Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter

1. This not an international giveaways, so please don't enter if you live outside the UK! If you do, you won't be able to win.
2. Once the items are sent, they are no longer my responsibility, if they get damaged or broken in the post then no replacements or monetary equivalent will be given.
3. I will need the winners address to be able to post the prizes to them, so if you are under the age of 18 please ask permission from your parent/guardian before you enter.
4. This giveaway ends on the 22nd June at 00:00am. There will be no entries after this point. This winner will be contacted through Twitter by myself.



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  1. Aw lovely, I am so glad you have enjoyed your first year blogging! I am so glad I discovered your blog through Instagram/ Twitter, you are such a delight to talk to! In a couple of years time we will definitely have to meet up because we are actually closer than you think! Hehe!! :) here's to more fabulous years of blogging X

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you! Me too! Awh thanks, YES definitely, that would be so much fun xx

  2. So glad to see you've enjoyed your first year of blogging! You've got more motivation than I'll ever have! Keep up the good work! Xx

  3. Congrats on one year blogging! I'm coming up for my second year and don't know where the time has gone. Would love if you could check out my recent fashion post? X

    The Fashion Road

  4. Congratulations on 1 year! It's been such a pleasure reading your blog after discovering you when I was added into the DM on Instagram. You are such a lovely personand I'm looking forward to many years to come. Lots of love, Lou xxx

  5. I love your blog and congrats on a year of blogging! xx

  6. Congrats Geraldine! Keep up the good work :)

  7. Congrats & happy blogiversary!! :) Can't wait to see what's coming up on your blog & I hope you'll still be doing and enjoying this in a few years x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  8. Congratulations, you should be proud of your blog! I'm sure it'll carry on the be great! I've entered your giveaway through Instagram @tumblrr.gx and looks great! Once again keep up the good work! Xx

  9. So proud of you hun, hopefully many more years to come!

  10. I would love the face masks! My skin needs it :') happy 1 year of blogging :) xx

  11. whoop yay for you girl!!!! A year goes so fast ^_^ To more great blogging!
    Happy 1 year of blogging xx

    Sophie |

  12. Just caught up on all of my reading! I cannot believe that your blog is one year old! It is amazing! Congratulations! xox

  13. I discovered your blog via Twitter! The prize I would most be excited to win is the notebook, because you can never have too many, right?! 💗

  14. Such a lovely idea, from such a kind person 💞

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