17 May, 2016

Summer Dress Styling Tips

I was recently discussing with my friends how many dresses we own. We were all trying to visualise how many we had in our wardrobe, and most of their answers were around 5/6, I thought that I may have owned 10. Anyway it turned out that I actually own 23 dresses, until last week that is when another beautiful dress turned up on my doorstop and made it 24.
If you haven't already guessed from the vast quantity that I own, I absolutely adore wearing dresses. I feel that they really flatter my figure and they're just such fun items to wear. Another reason I enjoy wearing dresses is because they're so easy to style. I love to find dresses that can be really sophisticated and formal, yet can be made into a more casual outfit as well. The lovely people from JD Williams kindly gifted me one of their beautiful dresses from their Summer Dresses category to style and also to give my readers (that's you guys) some tips on how to wear it.

The Dress
The dress I am styling is the Beaded Split Detail Maxi dress. It's Navy blue in colour and it has beautiful detailing on the neckline and also on the sleeves. The dress fits really comfortably, and it really flattering to my figure. I feel that because I'm so short the dress is slightly too long for me, so I would need to wear heels with it. I also wish that I had picked the size down, because although it fits perfectly everywhere else, as you can see from the photo there is some excess material at the back. I love the two splits in the bottom of the dress as it allows me to walk easily and without having to take tiny steps, I also think if you wore some killer shoes with it it would provide the perfect opportunity to show them off.
For a formal look I would pair this outfit with navy blue suede heels, so that the focal point of the outfit is the neckline on the dress. For a more casual look I would pair it with some brightly coloured strapy sandals. I would pick sandals with the colours pink, blue, green and white in, to really pick out the pop of colours on the dress.

For a formal occasion I wouldn't wear a hat with this dress, although a dainty navy blue fascinator would look nice with it. However wearing this outfit for a more casual event I would pair it with a large neutral or navy blue coloured floppy hat.

A small and dainty bag would match perfectly with this dress. I would choose a pink or light blue Bag which possibly has beading on it, to make it more sparkly.

I would keep this look simple and only add a subtle bracelet with this outfit. It's probably best to avoid a necklace with this dress as it would make the stunning neckline of the dress look overpowered and it would detract from the beading.

Let me know how you style your summer dresses in the comments.


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*This item was very kindly gifted to me by JD Williams, all opinions are my own and not of JD Williams.


  1. Wow that dress is beautiful. I love the detailing, and I love how it has little sleeves. So beautiful. It really suits you! Love your blog btw, now following :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Thank you so much! It's gorgeous isn't it? Thank you! xx

  2. I'm not really a dress person myself, I just don't like how they look on my that much but I do love them on other people! The one you're wearing in this picture is abyolutely gorgeous & it suits you so well. I really like the detailing along the collar :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. I completely get that, dresses are a very 'marmite' item of clothing. Thank you! That's my favourite part too xx

  3. You look lovely in this dress. I'm not overly a dress kind of person when wearing them, I just kind of admire them on other people and how nice they look ^_^

    Sophie |

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