30 September, 2016

Going with your Gut

Recently I've been having to make a lot of decisions about my future.
As you will know from my previous post, I've already decided that I'm not going to uni. Instead I decided to go to college. However after three days at college I found myself in a position where I wasn't enjoying the course particularly (as it was very focused on history and coping other artists work) and the couple of people I liked on the course had moved to other colleges or courses. I then faced a decision about whether or not I wanted to carry on with the course.

A little bit about me: Usually I find it incredibly difficult to make personal decisions. I normally stress and cry until the decision is taken out of my hands and my parents tell me that I should pull myself together and that its not the end of the world.

This decision was different. No tears, no crying and no sleepless nights. I knew in my gut that dropping out was the right decision to make.

And three weeks later I'm so glad I did.

So after applying for over 14 different jobs, going through rigorous application processes (thanks Aldi for that 4 hour one) I finally got offered an interview at my local supermarket Pharmacy. Two days later I got offered a trial shift at a local pub/restaurant.

The group interview at the supermarket went really well, and I though that I stood a good chance of getting the job. The next day, the supermarket phoned me back, however I didn't hear my phone go off. I ran the number back and it went through to a "press 1 if you are a customer" ect. so I panicked and put the phone down. I then decided that I didn't want that job. I assumed that they were going to offer me an individual interview, and I knew in my gut that I didn't want to work there.

The evening after the supermarket interview, was the trial shift in the pub. I was really quite nervous for this one, as I wanted it more than the supermarket. When I got there it was all great, I shadowed a lady for a while, they she let me take orders, serve food and the general duties that I would need to go. To cut it short, I really enjoyed working there for that shift.

However that all came crashing down when the manager (who I don't actually think was a manager) said he wanted a chat about the job. That's cool. So we went outside to have a chat, and not only was it freezing cold, but he was smoking while 'interviewing' me. Not cool. That's when I knew I didn't want to work there.

He also decided to tell me that he would like me to go back for another trial shift at a busier period, so that they could see how I dealt with that, which I was willing to do until he also said that next week there will be an advert in the paper for staff for the same position that I was applying for, and depending on the response from that would depend if I got the job.

Basically I was their fall back plan. If nobody came along that was better than me or who had experience in this job, then I could get it.

What a way to attract staff hey!

You'll be pleased to hear that I have now cancelled going back for a trail shift.

However whilst I was in work on Saturday I received another phone call from the Pharmacy, asking me to attend an interview. I thought although I don't want this job, I might as well get the interview practice.

Long story short, I got the job, and my gut is now telling me that I should accept it, as the interview was so friendly and fun!

I've digressed quite a lot in this post, but the long story short is that if your gut is telling you to do something, or that you shouldn't do something, then listen to it. It may be a scary decision to make, but you know best when it comes to decisions about yourself. Also don't be afraid to change your mind, just because you're set on one thing, doesn't mean that plan can't change!



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