17 October, 2016

5 Ways to Reuse Nutella Jars

If you love Nutella as much as I do then you know that one of the worst feelings in the world is running out of the hazelnut spread. Worse than that is having to put the beautiful jar out for recycling. Well I am about to resolve all of your Nutella related issues, by showing you other uses for your empty jars.
Money Jar
Convert your jar by removing the label, trying a strand of ribbon into a bow and filling with your loose change. An elegant version of a money box, which is also easier to access.

Pencil pot

This is a super easy transformation, just whip the label off, and pop your pencils in. Having a clear jar is really useful for seeing the exact colours of the pencils too.

If you keep finding corks in the kitchen, from bottles of wine, then put them to good use and fill up a jar with them. I first saw this done in a pub, and it works really well in a dining room.

Button Jar
Find a new storage solution to all your buttons by putting them out on display. Not only do they look cute, but you can also see which ones you have. Finish the jar off by tying ribbon around the rim.

Autumnal Woodland
This is my personal favourite them. Spend the afternoon in your local wood, forest or even at the park, and collect pine cones and conkers. Chuck them in the jar, and you've got an instant center piece for you table.



  1. Such a great ideas!! these jars could be used for smoothies as well :D


    1. They really could! The list is endless really xx

  2. My favourite is for pens and pencils! <3 I have 3 already! I also recycle the smaller jars into drinking glasses: I have about 4 of those haha! :-)

    1. Wow those glasses must look so cute! That's such a clever idea! Xx

  3. This post is full of good ideas! It also just reminded me that there's a jar of Nutella in my kitchen right now and I totally plan on eating it all!

    I really love the look of the autumnal jar and the pencil pot. I'll definitely have to recreate them!


    1. Do it!! Thank you, and you definitely should xx

  4. Ooh these all look gorgeous! I love finding alternate ways to reuse ordinary objects xx


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