05 December, 2016

Room Tour

Guess who's back, back again.

Yep that's right, after a little break from blogging, I'm back, and I'm going to really try and upload frequently during 2017!

Way back in July I redecorated my bedroom and I though that it was about time to show you guys what it looks like now. If you want to see what it used to look like the click here.

The Bed

My bed itself is from a charity shop and cost around £20/£30.
The white bedding set was from Primark and cost £18 for the duvet cover and one pillow case.
The mandala throw on the end of my bed was brought from eBay for £17.

However there were a few small stains on it, so we asked for a replacement and eBay refunded the full amount and told us to keep the throw as there was a problem with the seller.

(I do love a bargain)

Onto the detail...

I brought the large cushion from Primark and this cost £8.
My teddy was brought from a carboot sale many moons ago.
And my bee cushion was from Marks & Spencer costing £12.

...This is my dog...

The Notice Board

I've had quite a few questions about this notice board on Instagram. I brought it through an affiliated link from the blog Burkatron. It cost me £26.45 including the postage and the wall fittings which you can just about see.
The globe fairy lights were brought from Urban Outfitters and cost £20. There are similar on Amazon.
My Bee Happy hexagonal plaque was brought from Sass & Bell (through Country Bloomers) and cost approximately £3.
The three glittery washi tapes were £1.50 from Wilko's
Both pairs of sunglasses are from Primark costing between £1/£2.
Postcards, tickets and posters were collected from a variety of different places.
The other items were gifted to me, so I don't know where they're from!

My Desk
My desk was brought off of eBay for £50. It's a corner desk and as you can see it has an extra shelf on the top. It has three draws underneath and also a shelf. Underneath the desk there are also two more selves which I store books and folders on.
Starting from the left...

My yellow desk lamp is from Wilko's and cost £4.
My Disney mug, believe it or not, is from Disneyland. This cost around €10.
The photo frame was a gift.
My radio was a gift for my 17th Birthday.
The perfume is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and was also a gift.
My Disney bowl is also from Disneyland and cost about €9... I think.
I brought the 'G' mug from a shop in Oxford, however is is originally from Sass & Belle. It cost £7.50.
The milk jug was brought from a carboot sale and cost approximately £1.
My globe was a gift.
The little hedgehog was brought from a carboot sale for 50p.
The fake aloe vera plant was a gift.
My old books were brought from a village fete and Oxfam.
The pinecones are from the forest.



  1. you room looks amazing, and your dog is so cute~

  2. I absolutely love not only your desk and notice board, (I collect postcards <3) but also your old books! Such a lovely post xx

  3. You decorate it very beautiful, I love your work out.




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