09 February, 2017

How to make: a Simple Summer Skirt

Today I have decided to try something new on my blog. After being stuck in a bit of a rut over the last few months, I thought I should change up my content a bit. I really enjoy crafting and my DIY posts always seem to go down well with my readers (that's you!). I also really enjoy fashion and want to incorporate this into my blog more.

So today I got the sewing machine out.
I brought this top from a charity shop for the grand amount of £1. Yes that's right, one whole pound. I really like the ditsy floral pattern of the material, however the shirring bandeau style top part doesn't fit me well at all!

The first thing I decided to do to the top was to cut the shirring off completely. I cut a neatish line straight under the shirring, so as not to waste any material.

I then had a large band of material, but the edge where I cut was rather wonky, so I decided to hem it so that it was easier to work with. (See yellow stitching below).

After that I measured the width of the elastic I planned to use for the waistline and folded the edge over, wrong sides together, and pinned it in place, with a small seem allowance.

 I then sewed all along the waist band, leaving a small gap to thread the elastic through.

Which took so long.

After I'd pulled the elastic through I overlapped the two ends, pinned them together and then sewed over them.

Not very neatly I must add.

After I had done this I sealed up the gap that I had left in the waistline and turned the skirt back the right way around.

Et Viola! One summer skirt.

I hope you liked this slightly different style of post. Let me know if you'd like to see more sewing and fashion posts on my blog in the future.



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